The wind in Buffalo was absolutely insane on Saturday in Western New York. We knew that the wind was coming, so Buffalonians were very prepared, but I can't remember a time where we were on the brink of hurricane-speed winds.

We did break a record from the year 1899 as well. According to our weather friends, the temperature in the morning on yesterday, Saturday, December 11 was 62 degrees and that broke the record for the morning. In fact, the weather went from a really nice morning to an abrupt change in Western New York to extremely dark clouds, rain, and lots of wind.

You have to see the pictures of the damage in Western New York from the wind. One of the most viral pictures from last night's wind storm is the ADM Milling building had a wall that partially collapsed. One Twitter user commented and actually said that the building officials have been wanting to take care of that part of the building:

I work there spotting trailers. I was about 300 feet away when it happened. Bricks flew across the street to Riverworks. Cops and paramedics where blocking everything off. ADM wanted to tear down that part of the building but the historical society prevented them.

You can see the pictures below:

Wind Damage in Buffalo, NY Pictures

Wind Damage in Buffalo, NY Pictures

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