If you have grown up in Western New York your entire life, you may have taken the local grocery stores here for granted.

The Buffalo region is fortunate to have both Wegmans and Tops, with other many other great grocery stores. Not only Wegmans and Tops, but the sheer number of them in the Western New York area. That's not normal in other parts of the country.

Maybe you have a Kroger a few miles away and that's it. If you live north of the City of Buffalo, you have literally 10 different options for groceries in a few mile radius.

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As we know, however, these stores are extremely busy.

Wegmans in particular can get so busy there is nowhere to park anywhere close and the lines are a good 10-20 minute wait. This is especially true around the holidays or summer holidays, such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Before Bills games is another busy time for these stores.

I grew up in the north towns and it was always busy at the Alberta Drive Wegmans, located in Amherst. The big reasons for that was one, it was a condensed area with many neighborhoods and retail lots in a short distance, and the fact it was close to a huge college campus like the University at Buffalo.

What are some other busy Wegmans in Western New York? Based off experience, here are the four Wegmans locations which always appear to be busier than others in Buffalo and Western New York.

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