He's arguably one of the most controversial players on the Buffalo Bills, and he's got merch for you.

Before I go to far here, I have no doubt that Nathan Peterman is probably a good guy.  I don't know him.  But professionally, Nathan Peterman has people scratching their heads.  Mostly asking the question, "how is he still on the roster?"

His first start on the Buffalo Bills last year was a disaster.  He threw six interceptions in the first half when they took on the Chargers.  Then this offseason, the coaches put their faith in him once again.  It appeared that he had overcome that game.  He had put it in the past and was stepping up to become a star on this team.

The preseason was really good for Peterman.  He looked great.  He was efficient, he protected the ball, and led the team better than any of the other quarterbacks on the roster.

He was declared the starter in week one against the Baltimore Ravens.

And once again, it was a disaster.  He was 5-18 for 24 yards and 2 interceptions.  His quarterback rating was a 0.  I've never seen that before.  Ever.

This week, with Josh Allen sitting out with an elbow sprain, it looks as though he may have to lead the team again.

So...if you want some Peterman gear to wear on Sunday, he's got a store.  You can get in on the swag while the gettin's good.  I mean, you never know when the guy is going to turn the corner and become the NFL's next big star.  Then you could say you were a fan from the beginning!

Even if you wanted to get it because it's about to become a collectors item...

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