Usually when you're buying something online, you kind of expect to get that item when it arrives in the mail. I mean why would you shop online and click "add to cart" without actually knowing what you're buying? Seems silly right? Wrong!...turns out buying something sight unseen is the latest online trend.

WKBW shared the news of this quite popular, but strange, online trend. The "Mystery Box" purchase seems to be gaining a lot of attention after more and more folks are taking the chance of paying online for a delivery of who knows what to their door.

Now I guess it's not exactly "random stuff", as consumers can choose from different categories such as electronics, beauty products and toys. However, whatever is sent is what you're stuck with.

The boxes range from $10 all the way up to $150 or more! These mystery boxes can be found on popular sites like Amazon and Etsy. Online seller, Aurelia Seward, had this to say about the new trend:

"We order stuff on Amazon all the time, but we know what we're getting, How much funner would it be to get a box and not know what’s inside of it?”

I think it's a cool, fun, maybe one or two time thing I would try, but I definitely don't think i'd blindly buy all of my future purchases in hopes of getting some neat stuff. Also, keep in mind that some of the boxes have been "real duds", says Seward, who had heard of one customer getting a box of dirty clothes delivered!


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