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Buying A "Mystery Box" Online Seems To Be The Latest Trend
Usually when you're buying something online, you kind of expect to get that item when it arrives in the mail. I mean why would you shop online and click "add to cart" without actually knowing what you're buying? Seems silly right? Wrong!...turns out buying something sight unseen …
The Village of Corfu Hosted What!?
The quiet village stirred up some noise when they hosted "WNY's Fastest Rubik's Cubers". Yup, you heard right, the popular 80s game is still around believe it or not and apparently a world wide favorite for many.
Would You Eat Cicada-Filled Ice Cream?
Health officials in Columbia, Missouri say they don't have anything in the books that specifically covers it, but say an ice ceam shop may be pushing the limits when they used cicadas as an ingredient.
When Sparky's Homemade Ice Cream shop introduced their newest flavor, they sold out withi…
Boy Falls From Building, Not Hurt
I find this amazing, just read about an 18-month-old boy who survived a fall from an eighth-floor window of a Paris apartment by bouncing off an awning and into someone's arms, and he doesn't have a scratch on him ( too bad there isn't video of this).