People are a little out of control with their love of ranch.  They use it on their salads, sure, but they dip just about everything in that stuff.  Hidden Valley got the message loud and clear...

Now they're selling their ranch dressing in kegs.

You read that right, if a bottle isn't enough and you're tired of going back in forth to BJ's to get more, they will now sell Hidden Valley Ranch to you in a keg.

Granted, it's a mini-keg.  It's 9.7 inches high and 6.3 inches in diameter and holds up to five liters of ranch.  But come much ranch could you possibly need?

If you want it for the ranch lover on your list, better not wait.  You need to order by December 1st to guarantee delivery by Christmas.  Just make them promise not to dip their wings in it.

If you are looking for something that still says, "I love ranch but not so much that I want a keg of it in my house," then check out the rest of the Hidden Valley holiday collection here.

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