Corfu, a small village located in Genesee County, has that quaint old town charm, with friendly locals..But recently the quiet village stirred up some noise when they hosted "WNY's Fastest Rubik's Cubers". Yup, you heard right, the popular 80s game is still around believe it or not and apparently a world wide favorite for many.

According to WGRZ, The event, known as "Upstate Cubing 2018", took place at the local fire hall with over 100 competitors from all around the world! You won't believe the records that were set, If you thought finishing a puzzle in 18 seconds was going to get you a winning time, think again! It was a first for WNY, which didn't surprise me, I mean Rubik's contest? Really? I only say this because I've never actually been able complete the puzzle, let alone complete one of five style puzzles these competitors had the challenge of doing! This definitely sounded pretty cool and something different to check out and I'm looking forward to the next Rubik's Cubing event. In the mean time, I think I'll work on starting the next Slinky tournament!

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