The April rain and showers are here and soon you will be watching the flowers grow and the grass get green! Spring in New York State can offer a variety of weather from day to day. As a matter of fact, there has never been an April in Buffalo, New York without at least one day/report of snow!

It won't be long before the kids are out of school and the long days of summer arrive. The COVID-19 pandemic taught us all that staying close to home can be fun if you know how to enjoy the space that you have. Millions of Americans did some sort of upgrade to their home during the pandemic. Pools, hot tubs, play sets and everything in between were sold out and suppliers couldn't keep up with the demand.

Fast forward to the spring of 2023 and things are getting back to normal. Perhaps you are considering some sort of upgrade to your property or residence? Officials in New York State have a reminder to homeowners to not make a costly and, in some cases, fatal mistake!

April is National Safe Digging Month and National Grid is urging its customers to make an important call before starting any outdoor projects.

This year, 74% of U.S. homeowners plan to dig on their property. Of those who are planning projects, more than 49.3 million Americans will put themselves and their communities at risk by not contacting 811 before digging.

Thinking about a pool? Make sure you get the proper permits and have a plan and a budget. The average cost of a new pool has soared to around $85,000! reports that:

An in-ground swimming pool costs $35,000 on average with most paying between $28,000 and $55,000 depending on the pool type, shape, size of the pool, and degree of customization. A small fiberglass pool costs $18,000 while a large concrete pool costs $60,000 or more.

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