This year due to COVID-19, the way your kids meet up with Santa Claus will be a little different.

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While your kids might not have the chance to sit on Santa's lap at the mall, there are still plenty of other ways they can get their wish list to Jolly Ole Saint Nick.

Plus the best news is that you still have time to get with the big man. We all know that Santa is a very busy guy but your kids can still get their final wish list or a special message from him this week.

Tonight while making special cookies with your kids to leave out for the big guy on Saturday morning, wouldn't it be cool if they got a message from Santa? While they still can. There are a couple of different ways they can as well.

From a traditional phone call to a video message to even a special email address to them, Santa is still out there ready to interact with your kids.

You can also track Santa this year with NORAD. Click HERE to find out how.

Check out five simple ways you and your kids can interact with Santa this year.

5 ways New York Kids Can Connect With Santa

This year there are a couple of ways for your kids to connect with Santa.


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