Western New York is a great place to live and offers so much to do all year round. Summer is coming soon and camping season will begin shortly as well.  Are you planning to take the family on a camping adventure?  My sister and brother in-law just purchased an RV and it got me thinking about camping.  Are you someone that likes to have the comforts of home while camping?  If so, an RV like my family just bought is probably your speed.  The thing is loaded with all the bells and whistles, like bunk beds, a master bedroom, kitchen with microwave, a ton of storage and a full stove and oven.  Yes I'd say this is probably the only way you would get me out camping these days.  But there was a time a tent and some toilet paper would have done the trick LOL.

Whatever type of camping is your style, there are plenty of places to 'camp' in Western New York. At Erie County Parks, you can register in advance of your camping trips

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