We send thousands of emails every week, hundreds a day and we could be annoying everyone out email reaches. Even if they annoy you, you have probably used one of these phrases before because something you just can't help it. In a recent survey by Adobe, the asked users to identify the most annoying phrases used in emails. I think we can all come up with a list of our own and most of then would be the same!

Here are the most annoying phrases people use in emails!

  • “Not sure if you saw my last email…,” - 25 %
  • “Per my last email…” – 13%
  • “Per our conversation…” - 11%
  • “Any updates on this…” - 11%
  • “Sorry for the double email…” - 10%
  • “Please advise…” – 9%
  • “As previously stated…” – 9%
  • “As discussed…” – 6%
  • “Re-attaching for convenience” – 6%

Read more about the study from USA Today HERE.

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