A car has gone over Niagara Falls in New York today, Sunday, December 12.

After a suspicious incident on Wednesday, a car had went into the Niagara River and started drifting closer and closer to the Falls. A woman's body was rescued on Wednesday afternoon by officials, but at the time there was no conclusion as to why she and the car went into the water.

Hats off to the brave folks at the Coast Guard who made a very awesome recovery in a very hard situation. There is no word exactly why, but since, officials think that the car was driven off intentionally. The car has been getting closer to the Falls and plunging over. A NYS Parks Niagara Region has said that the car has gone over.

You may think that the weather and the 50 mile an hour winds in Western New York helped escalate the process, getting the car over the Falls.

If you have not seen any of the footage from the recovery of the body, it is a great reminder and appreciation for the men and women who provide these services, like the Coast Guard, who put their lives in risk every day in and day out. Sometimes, we may just assume that these services are there and do not appreciate them as we should. During the rescue, the Coast Guard helicopter lowered Aviation Survival Technician second class Derrian Duryea down to rescue the woman's body in a very dangerous situation.

Once we got on scene, there was obviously snow was still blowing and our biggest concern was the car’s position, was the car gonna move, what were we gonna do if I was down there and the car started to move?” Duryea said. “I was able to open the passenger side door and put myself in between the door frame and the actual car door against the current", according to WIVB.

Wind Damage in Buffalo, NY Pictures

Wind Damage in Buffalo, NY Pictures

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