The weather on Sunday night was insane. The wind and the rain were coming down hard and in some spots, some major flooding was happening. On the west side of Buffalo on Niagara Street, along the water, the rain was flooding the streets and for one was not good.

In the picture you can see the tail lights on the vehicle which means that the car is on, but hopefully everyone was okay inside the car. You can see the two rescue folks who were tethered for safety and brought the inflatable rescue boat as well.

Driving through water like that, OR EVEN JUST A FEW INCHES, can be dangerous. Obviously, can be dangerous to yourself in a situation like this, but it can also cause damage to your car.

According to Servicing Master website.

If you drive through deep water, it can enter the engine compartment and contaminate critical fluids like the engine oil, transmission oil and differential fluid. Pull out the dipsticks and check the condition of the fluids. If something appears diluted, discoloured or milky, chances are that contamination has occurred.

If you suspect fluid contamination, call your garage and have your vehicle towed in for a check. Driving a vehicle with contaminated fluids can cause severe engine damage.

See other pictures from Western New York that saw significant damage to Western New Yorkers property, including this trampoline that flew in someone's tree.

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