Flood Watch In Effect in Western New York
Buffalo weather is wild, isn't it?
Over the weekend parts of Western New York hit 11 degrees and now we are going to hit 58 degrees as the high for Wednesday and even HIGHER temperatures are expected on Thursday which may get close to some local weather records...
Car Trapped Under Water After Niagara Street Flooding
The weather on Sunday night was insane. The wind and the rain were coming down hard and in some spots, some major flooding was happening. On the west side of Buffalo on Niagara Street, along the water, the rain was flooding the streets and for one car...
Flood Warning
Here comes the January thaw! With the temperatures in the 50's by the end of the week, there is potential for some flooding.
Shocking Flooding Pic
One woman called to check in on her mother who was at a nursing home in Texas.
This is the picture she got back.
It's a picture worth a thousand words and certainly a picture that depicts the reality of what is happening down in Texas right now...
Flood Watch
Last week it was snow this week rain and warm temperatures that could potentially cause flooding. Keith Kelly who lives near Cazenovia Creek took this drone video of the rising creek nearing its flood stage. Mother nature is pretty amazing and scary at times...
I talked with my sister yesterday and she had mentioned that her backyard was already completely flooded. The ground is just frozen enough, and with all the rain and warm temperatures we've had, flooding is definitely a possibility in some areas.

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