You have to see some of these pictures! The rain came down so hard yesterday and caused so much flooding that there is quite a mess to clean up today.

Some people did have some fun out in the rain yesterday, though. You can see a bunch of people fishing right out of their cars, people kayaking in the streets and some kids even blew up air mattresses and took them for a ride down the flooded streets.

The rain was absolutely coming down across Western New York on Tuesday afternoon carrying through the night. The place that got hit the hardest seemed to be Niagara County. They got hit with rain so hard and caused flooding where officials in Lockport and the county declared a State of Emergency Tuesday evening. In addition, officials issued a travel ban in those areas as well. The ban was lifted by 1:00 am.

There is a wild video you can see here that was taken by Lake Effect Ice Cream, which is right on the canal in Lockport. You can see the water that has flooded the streets flying off the stairs leading down to the canal. It is not a little water, either. That is a ton of water. As of this morning, many of the roads that were closed due to the flooding last night have reopened.

Check out all of the wild pictures below that were sent to us below! 

As we stand today, this is the 4th wettest July ever on record in Western New York. The record could be broken though as there are 9 days left in the month.

Major Flooding After Storm in Niagara County

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