New York State has had quite a stretch of bad weather and more is on the way. According to the National Weather Service, they will be monitoring some severe thunderstorms that will be passing by which could cause even more flooding. The specific area show that it will pass from Western New York to Central New York.

Central New York, specifically the Finger Lake Region has been hit with some really bad flooding. In fact, some experts are calling it a one in 1,000 year event. Governor Hochul addressed the event earlier this week:

Nine months ago, the heavens opened up, and we had more snow fall in a 24-hour period in the state of New York than had happened in history. Literally a few weeks ago, we saw the skies again bring upon us some of the most unhealthy air from the fires just north of here in Canada than we’ve seen in a generation. And once again the skies opened up and brought so much rain – nine inches of rain in this community – that they’re calling this a 1,000-year event," Hochul said. "It’s only the second time ever that the National Weather Service issued a flash flood emergency.

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