My friend sent me this article Monday morning and it's one of those stories that just hits you.

Meet Pandora.

Born with Holt-Oram Syndrome, Pandora's genetic disorder causes deformities and her right arm is a little shorter and has four fingers and her left arm is "teeny tiny" as as mom Shauna explains, with only three fingers.


Kate Glaser and her Hope Rises blog touched us when we saw this:

Now, 5-years-old, Pandora has overcome so much, and she continues to show her strength and courage to the world. "She is in kindergarten now, and cannot dress herself. She can write, but she needs assistance. Kids call her 'little hands' and she is the center of lots of teasing, and she is only in kindergarten. It breaks my heart."

I have noticed that they just avoid her altogether, and yell at their kids to, 'look away' and 'stay away' from my daughter. It really bothers me to hear that. She shrivels up, puts her hands together and just looks like she wants to sink into the ground. It's very stressful for me as her mom to see this impact her little heart so much."

Little Pandora has great taste in music, apparently. For a girl with challenges to overcome, she sounds like quite the ball of positive energy.

With all of her struggles "she walks around the house, singing her little heart out and dancing in different outfits. Her favorite artists are Kane Brown and Carrie Underwood. Once she saw The Sound of Music on a television special, starring Carrie, she fell in love with her voice and comes home from school requesting that I play her songs."

Now, if you've ever met Kate Glaser from Hope Rises, she is one of the most generous and supportive people in the community. (She started this blog years before she worked for Make-A-Wish) if that says anything about her. Kate started a GoFundMeto send Pandora and mom to the concert.

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