Carrie Underwood will release her fourth studio album ‘Blown Away‘ in three weeks (May 1). It’s the first she’s recorded since her marriage to hockey player husband Mike Fisher, but that’s not to say he’s had a heavy influence on the project. Underwood tells Taste of Country that the Nashville Predator has heard the album, and even offered a few opinions — but she’s not always listening.

Carrie on Hockey

“It’s kind of like me giving him advice in hockey,” the singer says with a playful laugh. “I don’t know if he would take it too well. So I think when he gives me criticism, I’m like ‘Yeah, you sell some albums and we’ll talk,’ you know [laughs].” Conversely, Underwood knows better than to critique his slap shot.

“Right, ‘Let’s talk about your skating,’” she says as if she were speaking to Fisher, laughing at how ridiculous the conversation would be. It’s clear Underwood does rely on her husband, and her teasing isn’t a sign of some greater disrespect for her man. The singer rarely misses an opportunity to talk about how strong and hard working the NHLer is. Although, he may be getting bad news soon — and it has nothing to do with the playoffs.

“We always over record a couple of songs, and there are a couple of songs that didn’t make it and I think one of the ones that didn’t make it was like his favorite song,” Underwood explains. “So I don’t think I’ve really broken the news to him that that one is not on the album.”

Underwood’s doting-but-opinionated husband shouldn’t give up hope, however, as a song called ‘Wine After Whiskey’ is a holdover from ‘Play On.’ So perhaps Fisher’s patience will pay off in about 2014, when his favorite tune potentially makes the next album.

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