Carrie Underwood's live broadcast of the 'The Sound of Music,' set for NBC on Dec. 5, will not take place in New York City proper. Instead, it is being broadcast out of Bethpage, Long Island, with details of how things will play out on set being revealed by the network.

The producers opted to move to a Long Island complex, which was once the base of classified projects for aerospace company Grumman, for logistical reasons.

The New York Daily News reports that the "show will look like a film with all the action played live and in sequence."

If a scene takes place in the living room of the von Trapp family, it could be shot with multiple cameras. Actors will move to the next set and do so off-camera. As they walk into the next scene, they will be filmed by a second camera crew.

"All of the singing will be live, and the music — using a 40-piece orchestra — will be prerecorded in order to ensure the best mix of the instruments," officials with the production said.

NBC sources also explained, "Major set or costume changes will be made during commercial breaks, but several changes will happen instantaneously during the filming."

Know what that means?

"If something goes wrong in the live filming, that’s the way it will be broadcast," NBC reps said.

That's a lot of pressure for Underwood, Stephen Moyer, who plays Captain von Trapp, and the rest of the cast, which numbers at 61. But we're confident they can handle it.