Apparently, not everyone got the memo that we are supposed to be nice to each other during the holiday season.

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So much for Goodwill towards all men as a hot mic picked up a profanity-laced tirade between a Seattle Kracken player and Jeff Skinner of the Buffalo Sabres.

The Buffalo Sabres were at home playing host to the new NHL expansion team the Seattle Kracken this past Monday when Brandon Tanev of Seattle decided to let ask Jeff Skinner a question about his contract he signed with the Buffalo Sabres.

Jeff Skinner signed an 8 year, $72,000,000 contract with the Buffalo Sabres, including a $15,000,000 signing bonus in 2019.

Most experts agree that Skinner hasn't played well enough to live up to the amount of money that he signed for and apparently Tanev has some questions about the deal.


I am not sure what happened on the ice prior to the interaction between Tanev and Skinner, but I am sure it was something that Tanev didn't like.

As for Skinner, he has been pretty average so far this season. In 22 games he has a total of 15 points with 8 goals and 7 assists. He is a -3 when it comes to plus/minus.

He did score two goals in the loss to the Kracken on Monday so maybe that is why Tanev felt a bit agitated.

The Sabres are back in action tomorrow night against Jeff Skinner's old team the Carolina Hurricanes.

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