Every Sunday night I make sure to find time to watch one of my guilty pleasure reality tv shows, The Celebrity Apprentice. I have been a big fan of The Apprentice since it came out many years ago. Past Celebrity Apprentice winners include Joan Rivers, Piers Morgan, Bret Michaels and John Rich.

This season Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 had big stars such as Clay Aiken, Lisa Lampanelli, Adam Corrolla, Arsenio Hall, Lou Ferrigno, Penn Jillette and Aubrey O’Day. Another interesting season for just wrapped up there were arguments, disagreements, fights and name-calling. Sounds like a fifth grade playground right? The celebrities compete on teams to win money for their charities.

One celebrity that I thought was very strong but others found polarizing was Aubrey O’Day, I thought for sure that as we got to the final weeks of the season of the show that Aubrey would be a lock for the finals. That was not the case however. The finalists were Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall.

The final task for Clay and Arsenio was to produce a thirty second awareness video on their charity along with creating a variety show based on their talents and sell tickets to the event. Both events were very entertaining with Clay’s team singing and Arsenio’s team doing a comedy act. In the end Arsenio’s team raised 167,000.00 and Clay’s team raised more than 300,000.00. All of those funds are going to the respective charities.

During the finale Sunday night, Clay and Arsenio did a duet singing “Lean On Me” which I found to be strange. But the crowd seemed to love it.

Donald Trump made his choice… the Celebrity Apprentice Season Five Winner is… Arsenio Hall!!

Arsenio wins a quarter of a million dollars for his charity plus the other money he has raised throughout the show.