Even with the promise of becoming the "Pussy Willow Prince," Anderson Cooper has rejected an invite to celebrate Dyngus Day here in Buffalo.

Last year, after poking fun at Dyngus Day (if you've forgotten about that, check out the video below), Cooper agreed to be a part of the festivities barring any conflict in his schedule. But guess what happened -- oh yeah, something came up!

Cooper's publicist said that just last week a conflict arose on Anderson's schedule, leaving him unable to attend the Polish celebration. Cooper did however, hit up Twitter, saying, "Am really sad I will not be able to attend Dyngus Day in Buffalo.  It sounds like a lot of fun.  I have a work assignment I couldn't change"

I don't buy it! Do you?? Either way, the efforts to bring Anderson Cooper to town continue.  A website has been set up, called PartyPooperCooper.com, where you can add your name to the list to try and force Mr. Cooper to change his mind and come to chilly Buffalo for Dyngus Day!

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