Dyngus Day

The Worst Jeopardy Host Of All Time Once Made Fun Of Buffalo
Welp, it is official.
If you are a fan of Jeopardy!, you know that the show has been having guest hosts change every week or two weeks ever since they started taping again after the death of long time and beloved host, Alex Trebek.
The ratings are officially in for when Anderson Cooper guest hosted Je…
2021 Dyngus Day Parties Around Buffalo Today
Dyngus Day is (on its way to) getting back to normal in Buffalo! As home of the Dyngus Day capitol of the world, Western New York loved to get their polka on, equipped with pussy willows and squirt guns.
At most places, Dyngus Day celebrations will look a little bit different than you are used to see…
DIY Dollar Store Dyngus Day Crown
Dyngus Day is here, and like most awesome holidays, there are required accessories. And this year, while we might be celebrating far more intimately with the people we live with, and from far away as we socially distance -- you can easily put together a great DIY Dyngus Day crown.
DETAILS: 2019 Dyngus Day Parade Time + Best Parties in WNY
Get your squirt guns! Get your pussy willows! The biggest Dyngus Day celebration in the United States is right here in Western New York! Monday, April 22nd will begin with the Dyngus Day parade beginning at 5 PM  and starts at Corpus Christi Church and heads down Broadway to Fillmore as it…
New This Year – A Dyngus Day Dash
Dyngus Day is an ages-old Polish tradition of celebration on the day after Easter each year and Buffalo knows how to use any excuse for a party.  We're know as the Dyngus Day Capital of the World showing off Polish pride and celebrating the arrival of spring with parties, music and a …
2019 Dyngus Day Party Spots + Cost For Each [LIST]
Time to get your pussy willow, squirt guns and tub of beer!
We are getting ready for Dyngus Day in Buffalo in a couple of weeks, the Dyngus Day capitol of the world! Most of the seasoned Dyngus Day partiers will start early---with beer and bagels before hitting the parade at 5 and bars or the Pussy W…
Both, Buffalo AND Cheektowaga Rank In Top 10 Polish Populations i
This is awesome. I saw Buffalo was on the list and said 'HA--I knew we'd be on there'.
Then I saw that CHEEKTOWAGA IS up there with the big cities!

New York City, New York - 213,447 
Chicago, Illinois - 210,421
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 65,508 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 57,485 
Los Angeles, California - 5…

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