Our cell phones have become an essential part of our daily lives. We use it for nearly everything - adding dates to our calendar, making lists, social media, buying stuff online…oh, and making actual calls once in a while. 

Even though almost every single New Yorker owns a cell phone, you have to admit that not everyone knows how to use them properly around other fellow humans. Do you know how to use your cell in public places without annoying the people around you?

Cell Phone Etiquette In New York State

There are tons of unspoken “cell phone etiquette” rules out there. Even Emily Post, the guru of all things etiquette and manners, has chimed in on the matter. 


Of course, every so often, we’re all guilty of committing an annoying etiquette fail by being obnoxious on our phones. But hey, call us hypocrites - that doesn’t make someone else doing something stupid on their cell any less infuriating.

It’s time to encourage our fellow New York phone users to evaluate their annoying cell phone habits and pay more attention to the people around them.

We asked fellow Facebook users which public cell phone habits drive them nuts, and woah - they did not hold back. From speaker phone to silent mode, to not looking up to not looking at it, every New York cell phone user has at least one thing that irks them about the way someone else operates theirs.

In the end, though, we’ve all got one thing in common when it comes to our cell phones: most of us still can’t live without them. 

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