Charles Kelley is experiencing all the firsts that come with being a new dad, and he shared one of his favorite moments so far with Taste of Country during the ACMs last weekend. Kelley couldn’t help but gush about his baby boy when asked to share any heart-melting moments as of late.

“He’s starting to smile a lot, and I know it’s not gas now,” he says with a smile in the video above, which is exclusive to Taste of Country.

Kelley adds excitedly that he’d gotten to spend some quality time with baby Ward that morning after being away from his family prepping for the awards show. Kelley’s wife, Cassie, and the baby arrived the night before on Ward’s first flight ever.

“I just couldn’t wait to see him. This morning I held him for a good hour,” he says, before being interview-bombed by buddy Eric Paslay.

Paslay ended up joining in on the interview, explaining why his recent endeavors have shown a side of him fans haven’t seen before — a side with some impressive dance moves.

“You know, John Wayne doesn’t pull the gun out at the very beginning of the movie, does he?” Paslay says matter-of-factly. “No, you gotta hold it — you gotta hold back."

Kelley and Paslay collaborated on Kelley’s first solo single, "The Driver," along with Dierks Bentley, and in turn, Kelley appeared in Paslay’s most recent music video for “High Class,” donning a pretty lavish fur coat.

“That was my wife’s fur coat,” Kelley mentions in the interview.

Paslay is also in a new stage of life, about to celebrate his first wedding anniversary, and it sounds like the first year has gone well, perhaps thanks to some advice he’s gotten in writing sessions.

"I’ve been given some good wisdom in all the writers' rooms of men that’ve been married many times and men that’ve only been married once, and women too,” he says, smiling. “You get good advice in writers' rooms."

“I think the key to marriage is find your best friend. You spend 99 percent of the time doing normal stuff, not just bedroom stuff,” adds Kelley with a smirk.

Check out the full interview above with Kelley and Paslay. Paslay will soon be releasing his new album Dressed in Black, which features “High Class” as the lead-off single, while Kelley is headed out on tour for The Driver with his brother, Josh Kelley.

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