School is back in session all across Western New York, so does your child attend one of the best school districts in Western New York?

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New rankings from were recently released and they ranked all the best school districts in the area.

The rankings were based on several factors including Academics grades, teacher grades, Culture and Diversity, Parent and student experience, health and safety, resources and facilities, and clubs and sports.

Each category was given different weighted grades. Academics and teachers had the most weight, while clubs and sports were given the least weight per grade.

This year's rankings also factored in in-school, and remote learning for students and teachers. Some of the grades were based on school districts reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic and how schools used technology resources to help students reach their school goals.

Also, this year's SAT and ACT scores weight was reduced by near 33% into the overall grade since some schools opted out of these tests because of COVID-19.

This year, more weight was given to student and parent experiences with in-school and remote learning. How schools communicated with students and parents with hybrid learning and full remote learning.

These rankings are for the whole school district and using public schools only. These rankings include grades for elementary, middle, and high schools.

The good news is that if your child is a student in a public school in Western New York, they are getting a good education. 17 school districts in Western New York got an overall grade of B+ or higher. 10 school districts got an overall grade of A or higher, and two districts got an overall grade of A+.

Look below to see where your child's school district landed on the list of Best School Districts in Western New York.

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