If you are looking for a cheap getaway, then look no further than Belfast, NY. Currently, there is an AirBnB rental that will cost you just $10 a night.

Now for only $10 you won't be getting any frills or luxury amenities. Basically, you will have access to land right next to a babbling creek.

This AirBnB is made for the person or family that wants to do some old-school camping. No cabins, no running water (besides the creek), and no electricity. According to the post, this site is all about basic camping.

When you book this rental, all you are getting is access to the land. You will need to bring your own tent, sleeping bag, port-a-potty, and any other items you think you will need on your adventure.

I know what you are saying, why pay $10 just to stand on this piece of land? Well, like all real estate, it is all about location, location, location. When you set up your camp, you will have access to a babbling brook, wooded areas, and all that nature has to offer.

The owner of the AirBnb has marked the area where you can put up your tent or hammock with a blue X on the trees. You can also make your own area if you like.

Renting this AirBnB is like being on the TV show "Alone" You only have what you can bring and can you survive your stay?

Check out some photos of the land and water and decide, if $10 a night is the right price for a primitive getaway right here in Western New York.

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You can stay here for just $10 a night, but you get what you pay for.

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