It's not really the time of the year to be visiting Sturgeon Point in Derby (near Angola), but it sure can make for one fantastic photo.

According to WIVB, Kenneth took this awesome photo of the sky at Sturgeon Point on Sunday evening and let me just say, it's probably one of the best photos I've ever seen of Western New York. This should be in an art gallery somewhere.

Seriously, doesn't that look spectacular? Almost looks like it was taken somewhere near the North Pole. If you were to tell me that's North Canada, I would have believed you.

Even though it's the dead of winter, we still have proof that beauty can still take place in Western New York.

I have to think some people will be taking that photo and making it the screen saver on their computer or phone. I will definitely be one of those people, by the way.

Do you have a cool photo taken recently of Western New York? We would love to see them! Just drop them in the Facebook comments for this post!

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