I love looking at all the homes, garages, yards, etc. that are made to look like a Bills paradise. Such as the Bills Airbnb that is near the stadium.

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The past few weeks, there's been news of a new "Bills Helmet Bar Backyard" that looks out of this world, and it's north of the border!

According to their Twitter account, the Bills Helmet Bar Backyard is in Georgina, Ontario. They have video chats, leisure time and even, according to their social media, a wedding chapel!

Check out the photos below:

The NFL Canada Twitter account even mentioned them!

The backyard and helmet belongs to Blake Parnham and the Parnham family.

Judging by the attention they've gotten, my guess is this helmet will make even more rounds in the news in the coming weeks and months.

That would be so fun to watch a game a game there, right?

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