DISCLAIMER: We aren't sign people. We don't put up signs. We don't take them down. There may be reasons why things are done the way that they are. But, for all intents and purpose, when you look at this Tim Horton's you'll understand why it is being pointed out.

All of the internet this week has been talking about the Tim Horton's located on the corner of William Street and Union (the one that is kind of by the old Dave's Christmas Wonderland store by the 90).

A new 'Tim Horton's' sign was put up recently and it LOOKS like an epic fail. The old sign was taken down and a new one was just put up where an old one previously was, but it is not exactly on top of where the old sign was, causing a shadow-like effect.

You have to see this on your way to work this morning. People were taking pictures and putting them all over Facebook and calling for whoever did this to be fired.

But, like everyone does, we act like we are experts and so quick to point out that this is so 'wrong', but it is not like any of the people on Facebook who are calling for this employee to be fired are experts on signs.

Maybe it was put up and it just needs to be painted.

Maybe there is a process and we are not done yet.

Before we are so quick to finger point, especially on social media, maybe we wait to find out the full story.

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