On this station, we tend to brag about Buffalo and the stuff you can do here a lot.  But we gotta give it to Rochester on this one.

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It’s true.  We love Buffalo.  We think it’s the best city in America.  But after seeing this, when it comes to Christmas tree lightings, Rochester owns New York.  Yeah, there’s a huge tree in Rockefeller Center.  Sure, your tree might have sentimental ornaments on it.  We get it. But where else have you ever seen a beer keg tree like this one?

We ran across it while scrolling through Twitter.  The video was just captioned, “In Rochester NY, we light Keg Trees!”

The tree is made up of layer after layer of beer kegs and is part of a huge celebration thrown by Genesee Brewing Company (which is headquartered in Rochester).  It’s over 500 empty kegs that stand around 3 stories high.  Then they cover it with over 30,000

Chances are, you’ve seen some lackluster Christmas tree lightings over the years.  But this one certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The “tree” is a tradition in Rochester, but it’s the first time that the residents there have seen it since 2019.  The pandemic put an end to the keg tree lighting, but it was back this year.  If you’d like to check it out for yourself, it will be lit up for the rest of the holiday season.  It will be worth the drive…and sticking around for a beer or two wouldn’t hurt either.

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