I mean, of COURSE, this happens in 2020, right?

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Cicadas are an insect that doesn't appear very often but when they do, it's a nuisance, and most certainly noisy.

According to WIVB, cicadas will emerge from underground for the first time in 17 years, in parts of the United States.

The insect emerges either annually or periodically, every 13 or 17 years. This particular cicada is the Brood IX, which has not swarmed regions since 2003-2004. Those in Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina will be hearing the sounds of the cicadas this summer.

1.5 million cicadas per acre are expected to emerge this year, which I'm no expert in, but that sounds like a whole lot of noisy insects.

If you're unfamiliar with cicadas, they don't really pose a threat to humans, other than their signature buzzing sound, which synched up can be quite bothersome.

The 13-17 year timing of this process is "one of the greatest mysteries of the insect world."

This could be an explanation for why the cicadas emerge every so often.

“When the cicadas emerge, the amount of biomass they provide could serve as a food source for potential predators to take advantage of,” the release continues. “It is theorized that these cicadas have evolved to avoid synching up with predator cycles by having a 13- or 17-year prime number emergence interval.”

As far as New York State goes, according to WIVB, the Brood X version of cicadas are expected to swarm next year (2021) and include many more states, including New York. So we might get some annoying buzzing in 2021...

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