Western New York has plenty of great places to live and raise a family. It's one of the most underrated places to raise a family. There are numerous suburbs that offer safety, room, and places to visit. The City of Buffalo itself also features great places to stay or live.

The real estate market is incredibly strong right now in the greater Buffalo area and one of the most prized suburbs to reside in right now is Clarence.

There's a home that just hit the market this past weekend, and it features one of the most incredible kitchens you will ever see, along with an amazing view of a huge oasis that only residents get a chance to view on a daily basis.

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Located on Spaulding Drive in Clarence, this home is listed on Zillow for just under one-million dollars. It features four bedrooms and four bathrooms, with what might be the nicest kitchen we have ever seen in Western New York.

It's an open-concept kitchen that is similar to what you find in a fancy restaurant. The marble countertops with the amount of space that a cook has is unmatched. It looks perfect for hosting dinner parties, especially something like Thanksgiving.

Then there's the back patio and that huge, private oasis...

It's Spaulding Lake, which is huge and only the few residents in this small neighborhood get to enjoy on a daily basis. That view is crazy awesome.

The views in the summertime look fantastic.

Check out some of the photos below.

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