What a great time Hank and I had at Kidabaloo on Saturday! From meeting new friends to seeing old friends, Hank was simply wore out from all the fun we had!

Being able to enjoy a radio station event for the first time with Hank was a truly incredible experience. I have been promoting Kidabaloo from a professional perspective for years and to be able to experience it from a father's perspective was a big difference.

Hank is only 9 months old. Nut all of the attractions and characters that were walking around made for a perfect way for he and I to enjoy a Saturday morning.

It has been a long time since I had seen a Dennis George Quiz Show and at Kidabaloo, Dennis catered to the kids within his show. Hank and I learned that pineapple is the fruit that contains the most sugar! Dennis interactive quiz show was followed up by the Buffalo legend, Mike Randall and Friends Magic Show.

Mike Randall is a true genius when it comes to entertaining kids. Hank was fascinated by Mike's magic and puppets...including his groundhog sidekick. Trying to keep a 9 month old focused on anything for more than two or three minutes is no easy task. Hank was a little upset when we had to walk away and visit with guests at the WYRK booth.

It was so great to meet and speak with other dads and moms and Hank got to meet so many cute little girls and boys! Before we even got home to share the fun stories with mom, Hank was pooped and sleeping in the truck. Kidabaloo sure did come through! Hank had a great time and dad was able to catch a nap as well when we got home!


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