Summer is here and I figured I would try something fun.

I was having a great afternoon with our three boys and figured I would try my hand at the newest internet challenge.

You may have seen this one floating around. Take a basketball ad put your beer ( I used a can of water) on top of it. When you drop the ball from waist height, the can will be propelled up in the air after the ball hits the ground. The idea is to catch the can (some use a bottle) and drink it before it can hit the ground.

The only thing I can suggest is that you don't use a basketball that is over inflated. The first time I tried this, the can flew about two stories in to the air and nearly landed on our garage roof! I would also suggest a can versus a bottle. Plastic water bottles work as well. There are plenty of videos showing people dropping glass on the ground.

Think you have the skills to complete the challenge? Give it a shot this weekend. Thanks to my wife for letting me act like a kid for hot second. She was behind the camera for this one.


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