A brand new building is on its way for Lancaster, New York.

The building will be the site for a brand new coffee shop, a long stay apartments/motel business, and some retail spaces. It is going to be on the corner of Bowen and Broadway where the old Desiderio's Restaurant and Theater (which has moved over on Como Park Blvd. by Union and changed names to Bobby J's).

A man named Lucas James bought the property late last year and the project will cost approximately $4 million.

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I have lived in Lancaster my whole life and we had a lot of fun with other Lancaster residents coming up with a list of 'Reasons that you know you are from Lancaster, New York'. Take a look and see if there is anything that you can add to the list.

  • If you have ever had your bagel buttered with a paintbrush at 6 AM before....you went to Lancaster High School.
  • If you know what GBP means....you are 100% from Lancaster.
  • You have had the best chocolate chip lunch cookies on the planet earth.
  • You know this woman...MRS. ARBER.
  • Speaking of names: you know at least, one of these three: CEASAR, OSCAR, AND PAVELJACK.
  • When you have every fire truck in Western New York come to you to do a parade throughout your town, you live in Lancaster.
  • You know what 'The Flats' is.
  • If you've gone scum jumping at Como, you're from Lancaster.
  • If you got a place named Ronny's delivered to you during class at one point, you for sure know you're from Lancaster.
  • You have walked down Central Ave. during lunch to go to Tim Horton's.
  • You have had a sports banquet at Eddie Ryan's at some point in your life.
  • There is an Opera House in your town. Think about that. We have heard about it for our whole lives we might not realize how unique that actually can be. There is only 1 other town in Western New York with one. (At least that we know of--feel free to correct me if we are wrong, please).

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