Winter is announcing itself again here in Western New York and the area is bracing for the coldest weather of the Winter season this week.

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You may want to warm up your car before heading to work on Monday and Tuesday and make sure the kids are bundled up at the school bus stop because we will see temperatures in the single digits with wind chills possibly in the negatives.

For Monday we can see the temperature of a high of only 18 degrees with the low dropping to around 4 degrees. You add the wind chill and you could see the "Feel Like" temperature around -3 degrees.

It will get a bit warmer on Tuesday as the temperature will climb to around 20 degrees and then on Wednesday the weather will continue to warm up finally hitting to over freezing with a high near 35.

The lows will stay in the teens for Tuesday before jumping up to the upper 20s.

This is the time of year you will want to check on your relatives to make sure their heat is working properly and also if you have pets that go outside, make sure you check on them and don't let them be outside for too long.

While the temperatures will rise to the mid-30s on Wednesday, around round of chilly weather will be back in town heading into next weekend. Also, snow showers are expected to be back in the area on Saturday and Sunday.

The average temperature for Western New York in January is around 35 degrees.


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