Two things I love during the summer time months, Ice cold beer and my favorite cool treat, ice cream. What would make these two favorites even better? How about having your beer infused in your ice cream?!

I'm thrilled to have learned that this amazing idea has been approved and will be coming to a store in NY soon-ish. According to WGRZ, Last Thursday, The state Senate passed legislation that would allow the sale of ice cream made with beer or hard cider. Even though It still needs final approval by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the bill should be on his desk this week by the looks of it.

If this makes it all the way, which I can't see why it wouldn't, the ice cream would contain no more than 5 percent by volume, and be available for purchase only by those 21 and older. The bill has the same laws and requirements as the current bill for the use of wine in ice cream, which is allowed here in NY.  Check out the full story here! 





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