After a failed attempt to fix it, Vidler's announced last week that it was the end of the road for their beloved popcorn machine after 52 years.

Even though the community was saddened by the news, they didn't like the answer. Many people wrote in suggestions of who to call that might be able to fix and others just wrote that something had to be done.

From local people to popular reality shows, everyone had a suggestion. Vidler's listened and took the advice of one patron and the end result was fantastic! The popcorn machine has new life! Ozzie Williams of Coin-Op Amusement in Hamburg was able to save the day and repair the iconic machine that is just as much a part of the Vidler's experience as anything else in the store.

It's people like Neil Parrish, who put Vidler's in touch with the store in Hamburg, that make the community so special and really back up the title "City of Good Neighbors". Here's to many more visit WITH popcorn in East Aurora.