Here in Western New York, we don't have soda. We do have pop though, and these could be some of the strangest flavors you've ever seen.

Looking for something cool to do on a Saturday afternoon?  Make an effort to find some of the strangest flavors of pop that you can buy.  There are a couple of different places I'd suggest for you to start.  If you're in the Southtowns, you have to go to Viddler's 5&10.  They've got a bunch of it up by the candy section. I've found bacon soda there, and dill pickle soda.

If you're in the Northtowns though, check out Hello Sweets.  We were there for the first time ever over the weekend and it was pretty incredible.  They had just about every type of candy you could hope for.  But what stood out for me was the enormous amount of pop on the wall as soon as you walk in.

Before I knew it, my son had loaded up a basket with some of the strangest flavors of pop I've ever seen.  And yes...I know what it says on these bottles.  We still don't call it soda here.

Here are 15 that stood out for me:

  1. Dragon's Drool
  2. Bloody Nose
  3. Swamp Juice
  4. Unicorn Magic - Honey Dew
  5. Buffalo Wing Soda
  6. Supa Dupa Pineapple Soda
  7. Honey Dew Soda
  8. Black Olive Soda
  9. Sour Puss Soda
  10. Red Velvet Cupcake Cookie Dough Bites Soda
  11. Horchata Soda
  12. Unfiltered Blood Orange with Meyer Lemon Ginger Ale
  13. Butter Soda
  14. Martian Poop Soda
  15. Cel-Ray Soda (Celery flavored?)
  16. Martian Soda

Yes.  They're all real.  I have the pictures to prove it.  And yes, they're all available to be purchased here in Western New York.

15 Weirdest Pop Flavors in Western New York

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