The prices for groceries are higher than we have seen in years. In fact, some say that the prices are at a 30 year high here in the Western New York area.

We are blessed to have a variety of shopping options when it comes to getting the food we need. From local mom and pop stores, to the larger chains like Tops and Wegman's and Aldis, we can pick and choose where to shop and what we are willing to pay.

The most popular grocery store in the Buffalo area seems to be Wegman's.
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While waiting for my wife to finish shopping this past weekend, I couldn't help but notice a sigh hanging in the parking lot. I have parked at a store thousands of times and never really looked at the words on the signs that are hanging in the lot or on the poles around the store. Turns out, there are some rules that are in place that many of us didn't know were a thing.

6 Grocery Store Laws In New York State

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

The stores were slammed with shoppers this weekend. There is a winter storm on the way and the forecast is calling for as much as 7 inches of snow before we see the return of more spring like temperatures.

Be patient in the stores this weekend as it seems many drivers are not paying ful attention to what is happening around them.

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