Aldi is expanding across the United States with newer, and bigger, stores. At least 800 new stores will be built including locations across the Northeast. Currently, there are 125 Aldi stores in New York State.

The Aldi experience is unique and the prices are generally cheaper than most other grocery stores. That is great news as the prices of just about everything are off the charts. There are some reports that prices are at a 30 year high!

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There are some places around Western New York that might love having a new Aldi store to shop at. East Aurora comes up in discussions every now and again. There is currently a Tops Market in the village and many argue that another store would make sense.

A new Aldi was recently opened in Orchard Park and now some as asking for a new Trader Joe's to be built there.

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As far as the Aldi expansion, NBC News reports that:

Aldi said it expects that about 50 stores will begin the conversion process in the latter half of 2024, with the majority of them reopening as Aldi in 2025.

Massive Barndominium in Ellicottville, New York

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