The CEO of Ellicott Development Co, William Paladino spoke to the Buffalo News about plans for the 4.26 acres along Lakeshore Road in Evans are planning to remake the lakefront land into a new waterfront destination.  As sad as it is to see Mickey Rats go, this sounds pretty exciting!

Paladino said

They're going to have "multiple" restaurants and bars, as well as other complementary services for people coming out to visit. Most importantly for many people, the beach will still be open and accessible to the public, he added.

Mickey Rats was a staple for many over the last 44 years and was home to WYRK's Country on the Coast parties and concerts over the last 10 years.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the vision on restaurants and bars comes true and that it becomes a great destination for many to enjoy once again.

Thank you Mickey Rats for the memories and great times.  By the way, this past August we raised over $10,000 at our farewell Country on the Coast Concert starring Midland.  Money raised will benefit various charity organizations including Wings Flights of Hope and the Saint Luke Food Pantry!

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