Clothing store The Children's Place found itself in a not-so-comfortable place when customers got wind of some new controversial t-shirts that the store was planning to put on its shelves. After customer complaints and protests, the t-shirts have been pulled.

The shirt that most people had a problem with was one that said "My Best Subjects" and had a checklist on it. The subjects on the list include shopping, music, dancing and math -- and all of them were checked except math. At the bottom of the shirt in parenthesis was the phrase "Well, Nobody's Perfect".

It seems pretty obvious why people were offended. Really? Someone thought it might be a good idea to say that essentially girls aren't good at math? What parent would buy that for their kid?

Here is the problem though...

Some parents do. Parents sometimes buy that crap. Economics is all about supply and demand. If customers demand it, and a company can do so, they will supply it. However, companies won't sell what people don't seem to want. It seems pretty simple to me. If we don't want companies to market this garbage to us, stop buying it.

It is pretty encouraging though to see a company take their customers feelings into consideration. After angered consumers took to social media outlets Facebook and Twitter to complain about the degrading t-shirts, the company issued an apology and pulled the offensive shirt from their racks.