The only thing that could be as exciting as this is if people started wearing bright neon colors and Saved By The Bell was coming back too.  Although there were very mixed reviews when it came out, after popular demand, Pepsi is bringing back its clear cola - Crystal Pepsi.

Pepsi has seen a significant drop in sales since they moved away from the aspartame sweetened Diet Pepsi to a sucralose version. They have dropped 2 percent over the last year.

So not only will they be re-introducing the aspartame version of Diet Pepsi, but they will be tugging at the heart strings of 90's babies with the release of Crystal Pepsi.

The clear cola will hit shelves in Canada first with a release date of July 11, then here in the United States on August 8th.  Don't wait though if you see it.  It's only going to be back for a limited eight week stay.

I personally cannot wait.  They claim there was "overwhelming fan demand" for them to bring it back. I guess they got all my letters.

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