Governor Cuomo said that he will not be resigning after all of the sexual harassment allegations, but he will limit his power. He is expected to sign a bill this week that would limit his executive power that he was given during the pandemic.

This means that he cannot sign an order into power by himself. For example: Governor Cuomo did this with limiting restaurant capacities.

Though, he CAN extend mandates that are ALREADY in place. For example: the mask wearing mandate.

What about all of the executive orders that he already made the past year?

Any mandates that he already put in place will stay in place, but with more oversight from the legislature. Although, some politicians disagree with that completely. According to WIVB, Senator Rachel May explained:

I think it was appropriate to scale back the ones that we gave him, the extraordinary powers that we gave him because we’re in a different phase of the pandemic. We’re at a point where local governments, county governments have the tools to deal with a lot of things that come at them, even if it comes at them pretty fast.”

New York is in a state of emergency officially through, at least April and when the state of emergency expires.

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