No More Limos in New York State Soon?
What will you do for weddings? What are you going to do next time you go on a wine tour?
Andrew Cuomo wants to pass a bill that will ban manufactured limousines AKA stretch limos in New York State.
The proposal is a response to the tragic crash in October of a modified SUV stretch limousine that didn&…
Cuomo Getting Slammed For 'Me Too joke'
Governor Cuomo is getting a lot of criticism Wednesday after what he says was a 'joke'.
He thought reporters were getting a bit too close to him in a hallway and said:
"I'm going to bring you all up on charges under the 'Me Too' movement", according to W…
Pay Your Taxes Early By December 31
The new tax plan in the United States was passed last week capping the deductibility of state and local taxes at $10,000. Cuomo claims that THIS  will raise property taxes and reducing home values in New York and in states across the country...
Warning For Kids
Your kids are going to college and they may try and get a fake ID.Governor Cuomo is warning the major risk of identity theft of doing so.
If a fake ID is bought, typically the person making the false identification will ask you for all of your information...