We got a good laugh when we saw this and we just had to pass it on to you.

You know the Lafayette Brewing Company inside the Hotel Lafayette? Well, they had a great response on Facebook Thursday to Governor Cuomo's new alcohol law during the pandemic.

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If you haven't heard. Andrew Cuomo said that there was 'a lack of compliance' on social distancing and mask-wearing in New York State so, effective immediately, he made a law that would only allow bars and restaurants to serve alcohol if they are ordering as well.

Right now, you can go to a bar and probably walk up and grab a drink and go to your high-top table and enjoy it. That will not be the case any more without ordering food.

Right now, you can sit at the bar as long as you are socially distancing, but you have to order food now if you're going to do that.

Unfortunately, the rules don't seem clear and if you were on social media AT ALL the past couple of hours, you know that WNY bar or restaurant folks are confused. What if someone is at the bar and orders soup, but is there for 5 hours? What if there's celery in their bloody mary (this was an actual concern, even though, yes, that is not the point of the law lol).

So, to kind of poke fun at the confusion, Lafayette Brewing Company posted their $1 menu and it is hilarious. My favorite "literally the smallest piece of cheesecake that you'll ever see". LOL Take a look at the menu they posted on Facebook yesterday.

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