Well, the squeaky wheel got the oil and we are here for it.

Catalyst Fitness Owner, Amy Bueme has been a crusader to get the gyms back open in Western New York. There have been so many questions about WHAT the hold up has been? She organized a protest rally at the Catalyst location on Maple Road which got the attention of Governor Cuomo. Yesterday, Tuesday August 17, the Governor announced guidelines to open up gyms in New York State:

  • They must operate at only 33% capacity
  • You must wear a mask while working out
  • You must sign in and out of the gym to allow for better tracing
  • The gyms can open on August 24, but the Governor made it sound like they HAVE to open by September 2 if gyms "need more time".

If it's not done right, it can be a problem and we've seen that so I wouldn't say exactly it's the hardest but it is an area of concern that's why we went slow on it," Cuomo said, according to WGRZ.

Amy Bueme joined Clay and Company this morning and talked about how Catalyst will reopen and even the idea of having certain masks on hand for members to allow them to breathe easier. What's in store to get the gyms ready for patrons next week? Will the 33% rule be an issue? You can listen to the audio with Clay and Company below:

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