We are in the midst of Day 2 of our Country Cares for St. Jude Kids Radiothon, and we felt the need to spur things along a little bit. We challenged Western New York to get 10 Partners In Hope in 10 minutes and sure enough, YOU CAME THROUGH!

As a result, our own Dale Mussen and Jordan Williams from Channel 4 had to bob for chicken wings in full bowls of blue cheese courtesy of our friends at JJ's Casa Di Pizza! You HAVE to watch this go down...

Become a Partner in Hope today by calling 1-800-372-4999. Our phone lines will be open from 6AM on Thursday, February 1st to 7PM on Friday, February 2nd. You can also text KIDS to 626262 and follow the link provided to our donation page. By becoming a Partner in Hope you get a free t-shirt--be sure to use the hashtag #ThisShirtSavesLives and spread the word on social media!

Visit the WYRK Donation Center:

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